Bring your candles to life with colour. Use our chips, dyes or blocks to make your candles stand out from the rest in either soothing or vibrant shades. All of these colouring methods are easy to use. Simply choose the one which is best suited to your candle making needs. Candle dyes are more practical for colouring large batches, whereas dye chips and blocks are better for small scale candle colouring.

Dye Block - Cobalt Blue
Dye Block - Golden Honey
Dye Block - Magenta
Dye Block - Orange
Dye Block - Pumpkin
Dye Block - Red
Dye Block - Royal Blue
Dye Chips - Aqua (x10)
Dye Chips - Avocado (x10)
Dye Chips - Brown (x10)
Dye Chips - Coral (x10)
Dye Chips - Grey (x10)
Dye Chips - Mahogany (x10)
Dye Chips - Navy Blue (x10)
Dye Chips - Orchid (x10)
Dye Chips - Rust (x10)
Dye Chips - Salmon (x10)
Dye Chips - Sand (x10)
Dye Chips - Yellow (x10)