Top 40 Candle Making

Wick Stickums - 15mm (x20)
Mercury Thermometer
Wick Stickums - 20mm (x20)
Pipettes (3ml) 10 Pack
Wick Holders (x20)
Votive Jar - Clear (x12)
Votive Jar - Frosted (x12)
Aluminium Pouring Pot
Liquid Dye - Yellow (10ml)
Liquid Dye - Black (10ml)
Liquid Dye - Magenta (10ml)
Liquid Dye - Red (10ml)
Liquid Dye - Blue (10ml)
Dye Chips - Aqua (x10)
Liquid Dye - Plum (10ml)
Dye Block - Pink

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