Introducing Simply Room Sprays, the perfect solution for a refreshing and long-lasting air freshener. Designed to craft a special atmosphere in your home or provide an instant burst of fragrance in your workplace, these sprays are ideal for use in the bathroom, car, bedroom, and living spaces.

Choose from twelve classic scents, each offering approximately 800 sprays per bottle.

Crafted with a naturally derived base and scented with the finest quality fragrances, Simply Room Sprays bring a touch of luxury to your everyday spaces.

Frankincense - Room Spray
Lavender - Room Spray
Lemongrass - Room Spray
Lotus - Room Spray
Midnight - Room Spray
Musk - Room Spray
Patchouli - Room Spray
Pear - Room Spray
Rose - Room Spray
Sandalwood - Room Spray
Seabreeze - Room Spray
Vanilla - Room Spray
Eucalyptus - Room Spray